Cadence Seeger


  • Ethical Product Catalogue

    Purchasing is power.

    Ethical Product Catalogue, hosted on Airtable.
  • Up Late

    The late-night musings of a 25-year old high-school writer.

  • The Wren and His Disciples

    A cautionary tale written in the style of a traditional medieval fable.

    A wren perched on a branch with a dragonfly in its beak.
  • The Repatriation of Remains

    An essay exploring the legal systems behind the return of human remains.

  • Selfies in the Museum

    Art is meant to be engaged with, not admired from afar.

    A photograph of me, age 18, imitating a painting at an art gallery in Moscow.
  • A Rediscovery

    When I was younger, I read all the time.

    A picture of me in high school reading a newspaper next to a deflated sheet ghost. Unable to have anyone pose underneath the sheet with only two people and no tripod, we filled the ghost with sticks and branches found in the park around us. It didn’t really work, but we still got a laugh out of this photoshoot.
  • What is Art?

    A conceptual self-dialogue.

  • Folger's TikTok

    A critique of emotional neutrality when evaluating history.

    A black and white still from an old Folger's coffee commercial, featuring a man and woman unhappily drinking coffee at a small kitchen table.